Colorful. Wild. Pure.

Its terrain is hilly, full of rivers, waterfalls, lakes, volcanoes, forests and rainforests. Its people are friendly and warm. Flora and fauna the densest in the world.

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Its borders are north with Nicaragua, and Panama to the south. Its shores are washed by the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean …


It is considered one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in Latin America.

It is pure nature, and his name is …

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And their beer …

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Although Costa Rica is not a country too big (one – tenth of Spain), has a lot of landscapes and places to know … whether you’re looking mountain, beach or just being away from civilization. Despite the size of the distances they are not short, as the roads are not the best, so it is normal to have transfer of 3 or 4 hours between a point of interest to another.

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Besides being interesting for its nature, in Costa Rica you can do many activities (many adventures) as rafting, hiking in the mountains, bungee jumping, zip lines, kayaking, snorkeling, 4×4, horseback riding, etc. So being so wide the offer is somewhat difficult to decide what to do at first, because no matter how many days you have … surely can not know the whole country in a single trip.

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This was my itinerary in the 12 amazing nights spent here:

San JosePacuare – Southern Caribbean – Tortuguero – La Fortuna (Arenal) – Monteverde – Central Pacific – San Jose.

Although I left some important destination (Guanacaste and Rincon de la Vieja, for example), I was lucky to be able to walk much of the country.

Some of the curiosities of the place are, for example, there is only a very nice–and warm season throughout the year (although there are some slightly cooler and rainy months, but never cold), and it is almost impossible to predict whether it will sun will be cloudy or rain, as the weather is very changeable.

Another peculiarity is no daylight saving time change, so always wakes up at 6am and sets 12 hours later, which makes the day-and all activities you can do-start soon, and will not end too late.

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Costa Rica has areas and very different landscapes each other, but nevertheless, has a constant: the warmth, friendliness and warmth of its people, who make you feel at home no matter where you come from.

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Costa Rica is …

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(I made this trip in the Easter holidays of 2013)